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I was asked by the deeply lovely Maria of Dinki Dots to partake in a blog hop, as the young people like to call it these days. I've never taken part in one before, so I figured why not. It sounds like a good opportunity for a chillaxed blog post and something a little less ordinary to write about. You can check out Maria's post here [I'm afraid mine will be nowhere as colourful or interesting]. So here goes ... 


At the moment things aren't as hectic as they were before our holidays, so I'm finding it weird to actually be able to work on stuff around our apartment again. It seems like forever since I had a project to work on at home. For the moment I'm hoping to work on ... 
  • A number of DIYs that I have in mind for around our home, but the majority of them are in the beginning limbo stages where aspects of my ideas are still a bit shit. But I'm getting there.
  • Our bedroom is in a serious need of shzushzing. Which is probably why you don't see many pictures of it. The lighting will play a key part and I have a pretty schnazzy DIY in store, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • A couple of weeks ago I picked up a BEKVAM step stool in IKEA [below]. As it happens, it pairs quite well with our salvaged bar stool so I'm thinking they might make quite the kick-ass statement duo. I just have to think of how to co-ordinate and fancy them up ... Any ideas?
  • There are a couple of small things still to do for #PicadoMexican, but I'm not complaining [totally not yet ready to cut the cord]. 


I actually resorted to asking my husband this question because I don't think my work differs from others at all. So I asked him the above, and he replied with - 
"Your website is sassy", he said. "It's got balls." 

For the most part, I create things out of necessity. I know, groundbreaking stuff. A huge amount of my projects stem from me needing something, so I decide to create my own version of it or just upcycle something to fit what I need. An example would be my fancy footstool; I have quite short legs and I've noticed in recent years that because my legs don't touch the ground when I sit on regular chairs, I get quite bad pains in my legs. I needed a stool for when I work at home so I kept my eyes [and my options] open, and I found an old, unloved stool in a charity shop and made it my own.


My creative process can be unpredictable which is something I really enjoy. I've been inspired by the most random of things - cheeseboards, leaves on a sidewalk, my husband snoring, putting away laundry, an episode of Murder She Wrote - you name it, it will trigger an idea. After that I'll make note of my idea, usually just on a post-it in my agenda, I'll think about it for a couple of days and after that if I'm still smitten with it, I'll start a project. 

So that's enough about me. Onto my nominated blogettes! ...

Pat of In My Wheele House
I actually can't remember how Pat and I crossed digital paths, but it was about 3 years ago. She's Canadian, creative, not afraid to call it as it is and has a penchant for upcycling therefore we got along like a house on fire. Pat has a keen eye for design and is currently on her way to motherhood for the first time and I personally cannot wait to [vicariously live through her and] see what baby designs she has up her sleeve ...

Janine of Steeped in Beautea 
I remember the first time Janine commented on my blog. She was the first person to have heard of me before from an IKEA hack I had blogged about years before, and for me that was a surreal experience considering she was on the other side of the world. Janine and I had a lot in common [dainty stuff + crazy cat ladies]. She was such a thoughtful person from the start. Even sending me messages full of tips and tricks on getting through the pain when I got my wisdom teeth out ...  

Pat and Janine will be sharing their blog hops soon so be sure to check in on them as they have very tasty blogs indeed xx

#PicadoMexican reveal!

#PicadoMexican is a warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest and I really don't care how lame that sounds. A mere six weeks ago Lily let me in on a secret that her and her husband Alan were signing the final papers to have a shop of their own. They asked me to jump on board and before we knew it, we were knee deep in paint and sawdust. They were looking for an authentically Mexican but not cheesy design. Whitewash with a modern twist and semi-industrial elements is what I proposed for the shop. A mix of old and new. The shop would also serve as a demonstration kitchen for Lily's cooking classes, so there had to be room for a kitchen. Real, down to earth and quirky design. Like the duo themselves. 

I won't bombard you with all the design details right now though. I'm working on writing a blog post dedicated to each section of the shop where I'll detail items such as products, DIYs, thought processes, health and safety regulations, and of course take you through the hiccups we encountered and I'm proud to say CONQUERED along the way.

I spent yesterday in the shop adding some final touches and my heart was about to burst. I'm so excited for Lily and Alan and cannot wait to see where #PicadoMexican will take them. Because those two are going places. But for now, I'll let the pictures do the talking ...

I think the above picture so perfectly sums up why I have loved spending every sweaty minute up to my knees in boxes and sawdust in #PicadoMexican - Lily and Alan are my kind of insanity. 

And that is #PicadoMexican my friends. Like any project, there are a couple of final details that still need to be added and tweaked here and there. All of which I'll detail in my blogposts over the coming weeks. 

I really loved working with  Lily and Alan and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such incredible and fiery people. I think we all deserve a mojito tonight ;) 

Happy Friday, friends xx

Drop into Lily and Alan's new store Picado Mexican located on 44A Richmond Street South 
or check out their online shop here

Made By A

So I did something, guys. Back in May I started a little Society6 online shop ...

I had been humming and hawing about it for months beforehand {sometimes it takes me forever to actually do something once I get an idea}. Once I committed to starting a Society6 shop, I took a couple weeks to get my head around some designs and ideas. Not to mention trying to make them resemble something semi-internet-worthy. I wanted to create stuff I loved. It ultimately sounds quite selfish, but I found myself designing things I'd love to see and use in our own home. This is where I'm excited and apprehensive. Because I like them, and that makes me sound like a jerk, and that also makes them personal? {side note - work on developing thicker skin}. 

I'd like to introduce you to my small collection of stuff, Made by A!

So far I have six design ranges ... 

All the above mentioned ranges are available in a number of home accessories. From shower curtains to rugs to mugs to pillows to clocks. Oh, and canvas tote bags. Because I have about a 50 of them already and clearly need more. 

The cogs are turning and I have a few new ideas in the works that I'd like to add. Keep an eye on my sidebar for any updates and check the verrry top of Society6's online shop as they advertise deals or discounts {they often have free worldwide shipping = hello} as well as on all of the social media I'm sure.  I hope you enjoy my little new adventure / oh god please be kind.

Work hard, play harder

I'm going to try my best to write this blog post without sounding like a whiny little jerk. 

The last couple weeks have been insane. I haven't had a day off in 4 weeks. I've crammed as much as physically possible into each day, working until 20:00 every night followed by more work at home. I haven't sat down and had dinner with my husband in at least 2 weeks. No, that's a lie. We had dinner together last week, but I fell asleep before I finished eating. At the table. Like a toddler. I wish I could say I was making that up. 

The awesome things that happened are - I submitted a couple of articles for Image Interiors & Living magazine, styled an opener picture for Image Interiors & Living with an incredible woman whose encouragement and opportunities makes me want to cry into my laptop, I branched out into the world of online shopping {more on that soon}, got to work with two beyond incredible people and #PicadoMexican is now almost complete {ZOMG}, and last but not least I became an aunt for the second time last weekend to a 9.2lbs tank of a nephew that can already hold his head up. Definitely some form of survival instinct has kicked in and I'm choosing to only focus on the good that has happened these past few weeks. 

And what I've been working towards? As and from Sunday morning, husband and I are cruising our way through the Baltic Sea. No, seriously. Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg {hello second honeymoon!}, Riga and Tallinn. One week of heaven and {cover your ears} I cannot fucking wait

Merry half way there

My husband and I have a silly tradition. Every December my mother in law makes us a serious Christmas pudding for the season. This thing is loaded. On average it weighs about 7lbs, and every year I cut a quarter of it, stash it in our pink tupperware box at the back of the fridge, and on the 25th of June, we celebrate Christmas in June. I think this is our 5th year celebrating it. Maybe 6.  

Last night I happened to be cleaning out the fridge when I saw the pink box. I gasped. I realized we missed the 25th of June, but only by one day. I alerted husband as to the date, I hurriedly took some pictures and then we annihilated what was left of it. 

That pink box's sole purpose for 6 months of the year is to keep husband from eating the rest of the Christmas pudding. And every year around April he takes it out of the fridge, opens the lid and inhales deeply, much like a recovering drug addict on the brink of temptation. 

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