{ Hydrangea Girl: Dear Nigel, I want your kitchen

Dear Nigel, I want your kitchen

Only recently did I hear of Nigel Slater. Following Saturday Kitchen every Saturday morning, they've been showing Nigel's amazing cookery show - Simple Cooking. And I have to say, I've found his kitchen distracting me from the recipes. 

This is a masculine kitchen. This is also not everyone's cup of tea. But there's something about the exaggerated windows overlooking the garden, the charcoal color palette, the open storage, and the clean uncomplicated lines that I enjoy. I think mainly because it's not a stark, clinical kitchen. It has warmth - something a kitchen should always have.

Admittedly, there would be some softer more feminine aspects I would smush in there. On the other end of the spectrum, I like cottage style kitchens. To me, they have more of a homely, crafty and loving feel. My collection of vintage cups, saucers, teapots and crockery would inevitably get in there. There is a happy medium. 

Even Nigel's books are full of aesthetic win.

Dear Nigel, 
I want your kitchen please. And garden. Even if they are a television set.

p.s. NEWLY BLOGGED! For exclusive behind the scenes photos of Nigel's kitchen, click on over HERE!

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  1. nice kitchen!
    p.s. you can have every last bit of our winter if you like. fedex ok?
    maybe you romanticizing it will help me get through!

  2. Deal. I actually dreamed about snow last night.

    Any donations over the coming months will be welcome.

  3. apparently when I googled nigel slater's kitchen it came up with a website that this is a set built especially for the programme!!! Dissapointing, Yes?

    1. Disappointment central. But I want it to be real. That garden can't be fake. Is it fake? Don't tell me.

  4. The garden is fake. There is a site which I will find for you which shows his garden. I will also send you the name of the set builders if I can find it again. I too was disappointed but it does give us inspiration.

  5. Hi again,

    Here is the link for NS's kitchen set:- http://www.constructscenery.co.uk/index.asp?gallery=tv#

    1. Thanks for the link Gillian. You're right - it doesn't stop it from being a source of inspiration. Nigel's kitchen/garden is such a dream boat. Le sigh.

      I daren't mention the name Nigella. I'm quite happy with my ignorance there!

  6. I just saw this Kitchen on TV, we are doing up our house and this is the top of my list! Fingers crossed my Dad who is a builder can help me make it a reality!!

    1. Very jealous Mrs. Pot, and best of luck with your future kitchen renovations :)

      xx A

  7. I love his fake kitchen...do you know what the oven's manufacturer is?


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