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Quick and quirky crochet

Nothing {for me} justifies sitting in front of the TV more than a crochet project to keep me company. After a long day of office zombification, sometimes alls I want to do is a whole lot of nothing. But then my lady-brain is all like "you're wasting time just sitting here when you should be doing something productive". Thanks to this little headband project, I was able to exonerate my recent couch time. Instant justification.

I've wanted to crochet an ear warmer for myself for some time. I'm going through a phase where I just pile all my hair on top of my head, and the only hat I have just doesn't seem to be taking this into consideration. So ear warmer it was, and since they're quite straight forward, why not just whip one up?

I took zero progress photos, so I've tried my best to show you through the art of Excel, my simple pattern ...

I'm not going to sugar coat this ear warmer. I didn't have the patience to crochet some test rows to figure out how many stitches I would need for the circumference of my head. It was just the mood I was in. I agreed that if it wasn't wide enough, I'd improvise. Because I like living on the edge. 

I began with a chain of 90, then  double crocheted back and forth for 10 rows. Once I reached the end of the 10th row, I turned my work and began crocheting 90 degrees to my previous direction until I had enough of a headband to fit snugly around my head. I finished it off with a single crocheting to join the two ends. I liked the little ribbed effect it made, so I folded my ear warmer and did another row of single crochet as a border to the 90-degree work, and to add a bit of panache.

Add a little black bow brooch as an homage to Hello Kitty, and there you have it! My mini project to get me back in the swing of crochet, as I'm in the beginning stages for a special afghan I'll be crocheting for my broseph. Cannot wait to start it. Happy crafting, homies :)


  1. I love this! The panel with the stitches at a 90 degree angle works so well - especially with the crochet edging - genius!!

    1. Thanks Maria! That was just me winging it and thank the baby Jesus, it turned out okay.

  2. My favorite photo was the last one. You are so funny. Great post. It inspires me to pick up the hook again after a lengthy hiatus.

    1. That's what happens if I have to take too many pictures of myself. Something snaps.

      It's so relaxing Pat - you must go back.


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