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I don't want to bore you endlessly, so should you like to know a bit more about me, here are the basics. I always find bullet points much easier to digest:

- I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and grew up just north of Toronto in Canada. I'm living back in Dublin with my husband and our two fur babies, Juniper and Toshi. 

- I love design down to my core. I grew up on HGTV {Home & Garden Television} in Canada when I was a kid. Channel 47, if memory serves me right. I did watch cartoons, but I remember being distinctly captivated by design shows.

- I graduated with a BA in Interior Design in November 2011 from Griffith College Dublin, and I am excited to get started in the world of design. Thanks to the extended recession in Ireland, the Interior Design industry is a difficult niche to get into. So, I'm making the most out of nothing, and trying to get the ball rolling through the only way I can - blogging my ideas and creations. 

- If I had to choose a word that best describes my style, it would be juxtaposition. I'm all about strong contrasts. From what I wear, to what I put in my apartment. I really enjoy strong juxtapositions especially between old and new, bright and dark, and dainty and rugged.

- Hydrangeas fascinate me. I'm not a flowery girl, but there's just something about hydrangeas that make me cray. I have no idea why, but I adore them.

- I am very much an aesthetic person. Presentation is everything to me. The presentation of food on a plate, how a shop is laid out, the appearance of my apartment, the presentation of wrapped gifts, decorating my home for every season, down to setting the table for dinner.

- I enjoy and appreciate [good] graffiti.

- I'm very ... particular. My parents tell me that ever since I was old enough to hang up my own clothes, they all had to be in colour order. Starting with red on the left then through to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, grey and ending with white. To this day my wardrobe is in colour order. In my defense, I've never known anything else.

- I can move my eyes independently of each other and wiggle my ears.

- Practicality is a big thing for me. It applies on multiple levels [shoes, diets, designs, etc]. Although, it is occasionally acceptable for something to be outrageously impractical. As the French say - "everything in moderation. Including moderation."


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  2. Just stumbled across your blog... pleased to have found you. I'm also obsessed with Hydrangea, and they make it in to our work (and made it in to our Wedding) in a big way... they're just SO gorgeous.

    Will keep stopping by! Good luck with your interior design work :) Hope it's going really well for you!

  3. thank you for info on nigel slaters kitchen - i am thinking of redesigning my kitchen and would like to do it like his -

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