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If you have any comments or questions regarding me or my blog, have any fantastic ideas you think I'd be into, have done some of my tutorials and would like to share them with me {my all time favourite e-mails}, or have a particularly wordy complaint, either comment on a blog post or zip an e-mail over to -


I promise I won't send you spam. Or, if you be a bit shy in the e-mail region, you can always contact me via the following means of social media - via Twitter or the Facebook machine.

Bring it :)


  1. Just found your card in our bowl here in Talking Tables and just wanted to drop by to say hi, thanks for visiting our store and Yay for hydrangea's! I love your blog and am so glad I found it, I'm getting great ideas for all the wonderful posts.
    E.J. x

    1. Thank you EJ! And I'll have to drop back into Talking Tables, soon. One cannot have enough striped straws and ornate paper plates.

      xx A

  2. Ales congrats on your youth project room and one the RTE appearance, you looked great and I didnt notice any roots in your hair...........lol :) They should give you a job as TV presenter!

    1. Haha, thanks David! It was a bit of a challenge, but I'm glad I dyed my hair beforehand, otherwise you would have deffo seen my roots! ;)

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I do enjoy hearing peoples spin on things. So whether you like it or lump it, bring it.

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