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This tab of my blog is here so you can easily browse through my tutorials and try your hand at any one of them if you like! Most of the tutorials I describe through text, and some of the more lengthy or complicated ones in pictures. I've also rated them to how difficult I found them at the time of making them. I hope you enjoy my tutorials, and at the very least become inspired to make something of your own.

p.s. If you make one or some of my tutorials and would like to share, e-mail me! I love to see what spin people take on my tutorials - alex[AT]hydrangeagirl[DOT]com  Don't be scared. 

Starting with my most recent project, working backwards ...

Holiday memory boxes Difficulty 0 out of 5 Duration a couple minutes
A perfect way to keep and organize all your holiday trinkets. Invest in some pretty boxes [the below were super cheap - 2 boxes for €2.25] to keep your ticket stubs, maps, and sea shells etc from tumble-weeding around your house.

Rescue kit for the unexpected guest Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 10 minutes
This DIY is simply a box kept in your guest bedroom with a couple of emergency overnight necessities so you're always prepared, should you have an unexpected guest for the night.

Spray paint basics Difficulty 1 out of 5
This is a blog post I wrote for anyone who would like to try their hand at spray painting, but may be a bit overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought of it. With these 5 tricks and tips for spray painting, I hope you feel ready to wield any can!

Bolder shelves on a budget Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration about an hour
Looking to jazz up your book shelves? Alls you need is a couple sheets of paper in your preferred colour, tape them to the back of your shelves, and voila! Instantly bolder shelves on a budget.

DIY cherry blossom branch Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 5 minutes
If you're like me and, a) love cherry blossoms but have a sad face they only last 2 weeks or, b) it's not spring where you are in the world, then look no further than my cherry blossom branch tutorial! Cherry blossoms ALL OF THE TIME.

Chalkboard clipboard Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 30 minutes, tops
A super simple DIY to give your kitchen {or wherever} a funky focal point.

Upcycle for Oxfam Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration a week after work, but could be done over a weekend
I upcycled two run down bedside tables for Oxfam's Heroes campaign. In 5 steps I explain how a new lick of paint, new hardware and spot of decoupage came to the rescue. These babies are a perfect mix of modern, feminine, chic-ness. Is that even a word? Well it is now.

Update an old bar stool Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration a lazy Saturday morning
I found this bar stool in the trash one day after work and had to bring it home. The seat was broken in half and it was very dark brown and tacky all over to the touch. Some elbow grease, 2 brillo pads and a bit of black spray paint and this little stool is almost as good as new.

Repurposed Death Star Difficulty 3.5 out of 5 Duration a couple of days, including drying time
Next time you see an old and ugly globe in a charity shop looking for a good home, you better have this project in mind. A bit of grey spray paint + some patience and you too could have your very own Death Star accent.

Home made Balieys Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 10 minutes
I know - it's technically a recipe, but you can DIY yourself some cheeky home made legit Baileys. It's seriously so good that I'm including it on this page. Try and stop me.

Five steps to a festive table Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 10 minutes
Looking to set a table for friends or a romantic table for two? Here are my five simple steps to a fancy table using items from within your own home.

DIY edible Christmas ornaments Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration 1 hour + 2 days for the icing to dry
You don't need to be a magician with icing to make these cute and quirky Christmas decorations. I made this 5-step cookie tutorial as a way to show how easy it is to make ornaments that pack quite a punch. All you need is an edible marker, or two!

Chuck it bucket Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration however long it takes you to tidy up
Yeah, this isn't so much a DIY as a really good tip I have for tidying up. Pretty basket + unsightly junk = chuck it bucket.

Fall wall Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 10 minutes
The moment autumn sets in, I can't help but start collecting my favourite leaves. This year I thought there was no better way to display my favourite ones by shticking them up on the wall with my trusty black and white washi tape. Simples.

Jewelry display bust Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 20 minutes + drying time
I casually kept a look out in charity shops for a bust suitable enough to display my bling. I found this {ugly yellow} Mozart bust and after a quick spray of white paint, he was gloriously upcycled - if I may be so bold.

Scrabble monogram Difficulty 2.5 out of 5 Duration 2 hours
I had been wanting to create a massive monogram of our initials for a long time. Inspiration struck one day, and with the help of some MDF, parental unit male and some paint, I created these fun oversized Scrabble tiles. Simples.

Fancy footstool reupholster revamp Difficulty 3 out of 5 Duration roughly 4-5 days of casual sewing
I was on the lookout for a footstool for my desk, and luckily I found this little beaut at a second hand shop. I will say I have ape-like sewing skills, so I was very proud of my first reupholstering job. If you can sew in a straight line, you can do this.

Blackboard shopping list Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 30 minutes + 4 hours drying time
Nothing groundbreaking, but this little strip of blackboard paint has stood the test of time in our home. We've had in in our kitchen for 2 years, and to date it's been used every day.

DIY pillow case - Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration 2 hours
I took a t-shirt I no longer wear but couldn't bear to part with, and transformed it into a bespoke pillow for our couch. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can.

Lamp revamp - Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration 24 hours if you include drying time
I took an unloved charity shop lamp and gave it a kick of new life with a couple sprays of paint and a new shade. It's the perfect piece for our new office nook.

Sharpie shower curtain - Difficulty 3 out of 5 Duration 4 hours
I added a bit of bespoke to our bathroom by attacking our shower curtain with a sharpie. I think it turned out quite well! Don't be scared ...

DIY faux lucite tray - Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration 5 minutes
A cheap and cheerful DIY made from an empty Ferrero Rocher case.

Man blanket - Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration 4 weeks of panicked crochet, 6 weeks if I wasn't on a deadline
I designed and crocheted a 'man blanket' for one of the main men in my life - my broseph.

From skirt to pillow - Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration an hour
A cheap and cheerful DIY pillow that can simply be found in your wardrobe.

Breaking Bad Bingo
Not so much a tutorial as a free download for fellow Breaking Bad enthusiasts.

DIY bell jar - Difficulty 1 out of 5 Duration about an hour
A cheap and cheerful tutorial on how to turn a tired, old Yankee Candle {or generic candle} jar into a cutie bell jar or cloche. Then you just gotta shove it full of stuff.

Hydrangea Christmas ornaments - Difficulty 2 out of 5 Duration a couple of minutes
Since I was doing a Christmas overhaul in our home this year, I decided one Saturday morning to make some hydrangea ornaments. In 3 simple steps and 20 minutes later, I had made 6 of these lovelies. I couldn't not have hydrangeas on my tree ...

Custom Christmas colours - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: a couple of minutes
I took the eco-conscious route this Christmas and in stead of getting rid of our old decorations and buying in new ones, I sat down and came up with ways to revamp our existing decorations. Makes for a very personal Christmas {and I'll for sure be doing more next year}.

Encrypted cross stitch - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 2 hours {casually}
I stitched this little number up for my desk in work. An unsuspectingly inappropriate QR code for those who dare to stand close enough to my desk long enough to scan it.

Our wedding - flowering favours - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 2 minutes each {assembly}
We wanted to have a cute and unusual gift for everyone on their dinner plates at our wedding, so I hunted down and assembled the necessary ingredients for flowering tea favours. Everyone was mucho impressed.

Our wedding - boutonnieres - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 15 minutes each
I was quite surprised at how easy it was to make our wedding boutonnieres. After a couple of months of concocting ideas, I came up with this simple and cute hydrangea boutonniere for a gentleman's lapel that can be whipped up in 15 minutes. Honestly, I wouldn't have made them if they were going to be difficult.

Thinking outside the box - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: 2 minutes
This isn't a mind-blowing tutorial, but it's a simple idea that can be applied to many aspects of your home - filling a fancy tissue box with regular tissues in stead of spending moolah on fancy tissue boxes each time. Because you're so crafty.

Lovely layers - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: 10 minutes
I put some of my best wallpaper samples and off-cuts to good use by using them as backing for some of my favourite framed things.

Kitsch up your kitchen - Difficulty: 4 out of 5 Duration: 2 hours
Hook your kitchen up and instantly pimp your cute collection of cups. An oldie idea, but a goodie.

Oh himmeli - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 30 minutes
Himmeli is/are intricate looking ornaments made out of straws. But they're secretly quite simple and look just plain awesome.

Mini makeover - attacked with tape - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: 5 minutes
A simple and dangerously straight-forward mini makeover I came up with that involves some rather glamorous electrical tape.

Release your inner geek - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 1 hour
A cheeky and geeky cross stitch I made for fiance for Christmas. Perfect for that special nerd in your life.

DIY - Seasonal switch plates - Difficulty: 4 out of 5 Duration: up to 45 min each - less details = less time
A Christmassy tutorial to spruce up your switch plates. A project I started seven years ago, and finally decided to photograph and blog. Took me long enough.

Monochromatic afghan - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 30 hours {going by 20 min/row x 90 rows}, or  if you're a normal person, 6 weeks of casual crocheting
I was surprised how quickly I was able to crochet this little number. Since I crocheted it really casually, just a couple rows a day, it didn't wreck my head. I would highly suggest trying it out.

Caddy-up, partner - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: a couple of minutes
I quickly made this yarn caddy to hold my yarn and to stop it from rolling around my living room. It's also handy should there be a couple of furry paws lurking waiting to attack while you work. All you need is an appropriate container, and you're good to go. 

After and before - deceptive dust covers - Difficulty: 3 out of 5 Duration: roughly 20 minutes per cover
A project I originally came up with several years ago, and recently decided to tackle some more books - transforming new, bright, or particularly unsightly books into faux old leather-bound books. Very Ron Burgundy.

Before and after - meddling with Melody - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 3 hours
My first IKEA hack, where I transformed a bright Melody lamp shade into a softer shade with the help of grey felt strips, and a fair amount of glue.

Charcoal rain - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: 30 minutes
A quick, easy and obscenely effortless painting I did inspired by a Dublin based graffiti artist.

Needlepoint terrorist - Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Duration: 6 hours, over a couple of days
I was inspired by my first (and only to date) encounter with a piece of Banksy graffiti to tackle this out-of-the-ordinary cross stitch. Not something you'd see your grandmother tackling any time soon.

Watch this space - Difficulty: 3 out of 5 Duration: 2 hours
A 'watch' painting I did loosely inspired by a line of prints I saw through Etsy. I painted it with the intention to hang in our living room, more specifically, near our television. Most people that sit on my couch don't realize there's text in this one ...

Ode to a kitty - Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Duration: 1 hour
A little cross stitch pattern I did in memory of one of my kitties. It now hangs in my hallway on a particularly lovely ribbon. 

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